Thursday, August 4, 2005

10 Ways to End a Friendship while Backpacking in Europe

10. Snap at your friend about travel issues that are completely out of her control.
9. If your friend is a cat lover, repeatedly tell her how much you hate cats and wish they all would die.
8. Do things that will keep your friend awake at night (e.g., snore, snuggle with her).
7. Answer a simple question with a snide remark (e.g., "Is this water drinkable?" "I'm drinking it.")
6. Call your friend hypocritical and insensitive in the same conversation.
5. Leave the France guidebook in Italy, before getting on a plane for Paris. (This is the only item on the list that didn't actually happen.)
4. Keep talking to your friend even after she tells you to shut up because she needs to concentrate on not peeing her pants.
3. When lost, ask highly annoying questions, such as: "Are you sure we're going the right way?" and "Do you want me to look at the map?"
2. Tell your friend a meal tastes like dirt right after she says it reminds her of food her grandma used to make.
1. Tell your friend that what she just did should go on this list.

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