Sunday, August 7, 2005

lundi, le 25 juillet 2005


Funny memories:

-me taking a picture in the Vatican Museum and a guard stepping in the shot because he wanted to be in the picture

-free Red Bull during the hottest part of the day

-a guard sleeping on duty in the Vatican Museum

-pretending to have French (me) and southern-white-trash-black (Monaca) accents

-Monaca touching gum on a railing in the Vatican Museum

-Monaca putting a bag down on gum covered with ants, finding gum on a bench, and stepping in gum--all within a five-minute span

-the guy who sold Monaca shot glasses in a souvenir shop (he was hilarious)

-the French guy working at the hostel, whom Monaca insisted had a crush on me. "He was enthralled in your French conversation. I'm kind of jealous. I wish I knew French."

-the French guy cracking up while telling us the story about the guitar player with a "muppet" in Belfast. "I really have some stiff competition."

-another story from the French guy: buying a beer in Rome and having the shopkeeper ask for 3E50, thinking he was a tourist. "You've got to be joking."

-watching a couple get engaged at Trevi Fountain (the girl didn't seem excited)

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