Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm a lunatic.

Okay, I know this is crazy, but I'm at work this week--even though I don't have to be here until next Monday. I know what you're all thinking:

"Wendy, you're such an overachiever. I idolize you."

or maybe it's more like:

"You twisted perfectionist."

Actually, it's probably:

"Woman, get a life."

At any rate, here's my explanation: I have always had a hard time getting up on time. My bed is just so comfortable, especially when Steve and Jackson are there too. And sleep is so wonderful. I usually press snooze at least four times before getting up, which means I end up with about fifteen minutes to shower and get out the door. Well, this year, school starts at 7:30 (I know, it's inhumane), which means I have to be there at 7:00. I didn't want the transition to be quite as shocking, so I decided to start my school schedule this week--so I can get acclimated. So I'm up at 5:30, out the door at 6:30, and in my classroom by 7:00.

Hopefully I won't spend hours every day at school this week. However, it's difficult for me to stop working on something once I've started it. I've been here for five hours today. I've got to leave. My hours of freedom are rapidly dwindling.

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