Tuesday, August 16, 2005

samedi, le 30 juillet 2005


Still in Beauvais, waiting out the day and another night until we go back to the airport and see if we can make it on a flight.

It’s boring and ugly here. We went to Auchan (a nearby supermarket) to get food for the day. I got stung by a wasp while we were sitting outside in plastic lawn furniture, eating our breakfast. I took a long midday nap. We’ve spent most of the day sleeping, eating, writing, and reading. I’m just ready to be done with this. It’s so discouraging.

Went out for drinks and fromage blanc at a nearby restaurant this evening. I had kir for the first time in seven and a half years. Yum.

Then came back to the hotel; pet the resident dog, Vox (owned by the hotel owner); talked to Eva, a little Irish girl who’s stuck here with her family; and played football (soccer) with Monaca and Vox. Experiences like these make our situation bearable.

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