Wednesday, August 17, 2005

dimanche, le 31 juillet 2005


Got to Dublin at 13:30, leaving us with a measly 24 hours, when what we'd planned for was 72. Took a bus to the city, passing hordes of jersey-clad people on their way to a hurling match (a traditional Irish sport--also a boon for the country's doctors, as it's very rough). Then walked to our hotel, checked in with the genial proprietor, and headed off to explore the city.

We walked through the grounds of Trinity College. The grass is beautiful, primarily because there are numerous signs saying to stay off it. Unfortunate.

Walked down cobblestoned pedestrian Grafton Street--touristy and expensive, but picturesque.

Went to St. Stephen's Green and sat for a while, talking and people watching.

Walked through Temple Bar--anticlimactic but okay.

Walked down the River Liffey toward the ocean, but Monaca wanted to look for a gift for her grandma, so we turned back before we saw it. :(

Went to an awesome pub, complete with low, heavy-beamed ceiling; brick archways; dim lighting; trad (live traditional Irish music); and a thoroughly Irish crowd. Definitely one of the most memorable experiences of the trip for me. Impossible to put into words.

Looked for mead for Monaca to bring home, but apparently the traditional Irish "drink of kings" isn't very well-known in Ireland.

Pub-hopped over to Grafton Street again, searching unsuccessfully for pub grub. (Apparently the "authentic" Irish pubs in the U.S. aren't; food is not normally served at most pubs.) Finally, in desperation, went to an Italian restaurant on Dame Street. Walked back to our hotel in the rain.

Loved every minute of the day.

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