Monday, August 15, 2005


Here's an e-mail Steve sent out, at my request, to friends and family, informing them of our situation:

Wendy and Monaca need some prayer. They have encountered the first speed bump in a fantastic trip they have had so far. They are currently stuck in France, when they should be in Ireland! Their airline cancelled their flight to Ireland from Paris yesterday, which left them stuck there. To make matters worse, the airport is not actually in Paris, but instead in a yucky industrial area with bad hotels and nothing to do. Wendy called me from a bad hotel that smelled like smoke and paint. Needless to say they were most excited to see the British Isles and will only be there for a couple of days, rather than the 5 days originally planned. To make matters worse, the airline was not willing to pay for any inconvienience they caused their passengers. Apparently, this is normal for European "customer service," or lack thereof. Currently, they are on a waiting list for the next flight to Dublin (tomorrow morning) which will leave them with about 3 hours of light in Ireland rather than 3 days. That is not the only issue, as if they don't make this flight they would be in danger of missing their flight to London and, therefore, their flight back to Chicago. You might ask, "Why didn't they just fly to London?" Good question, however the airline was not willing to give them a credit for their flight from Dublin to London, so that didn't work out.The bottom line is that they need prayer that they will be patient and find the joy in the unfortunate situation they find themselves in, as well as get their way home safely. Thanks for your prayer and I will try to keep everyone posted as to how things are going.

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