Friday, June 17, 2011

CSA, Week 3

In this week's share, we got:
Green Onions (we traded for extra asparagus)
Sugar Snap Peas
Choice of Herbs

I've also included a glass of Washington syrah in the photo. Hey--it's local!

Jan Pigman walked out of the house to say hello as we were getting out of the car. We asked if they had any eggs left. She went in to check and emerged with the sole remaining dozen. Hooray!

There's always a trade box available at the farm in case there's an item in your share that you really dislike or already have. We have abundant chives in our garden, and we often use them in place of green onions. So I looked through the trade box and happily traded our green onions for a second bunch of asparagus. As far as herb choice goes, there were a lot to choose from this week, but I immediately reached for the sole remaining bunch of garlic scapes (not sure it really counts as an herb, but I'm not complaining). I was really hoping for more garlic scapes this week so I could make more Garlic-Scape Pesto to freeze for later (okay, and maybe to eat right away, too). Jan also invited me to walk through the garlic patch and harvest more garlic scapes. So while Steve and the kids walked off to feed the animals the bread we'd brought, Jan showed me how to harvest the scapes from the hardneck French Pink Garlic plants (actually brought over from France years ago by a friend of theirs who has a farm on Bainbridge Island). We came home with a bunch of garlic scapes big enough to make me slightly giddy at the prospect of more pesto. I also successfully begged an extra bunch of chamomile from the herb box so I can try my hand at drying it and making my own tea. More on that in another post.

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