Friday, June 10, 2011

CSA, Week 2

We remembered to bring bread to feed the animals today at Pigman's. We fed the chickens--including the unintentional rooster (he was technically supposed to be a hen), the turkeys, the three sheep, and even the goose, whom we've dubbed El Diablo. He literally bites the hands that feed him, and at feeding time, he also bites the sheep who share a pen with him--and whom, at other times (according to Dean Pigman), he snuggles with quite contentedly. Liam wisely chose to toss pieces of bread to El Diablo. I actually hand-fed the terror (E.D., not Liam) and, because I didn't want to be outdone by Dean when he demonstrated this, I even let El Diablo attack my breadless hand a bit just to see what it was like. Answer? Impressively firm bite, but not sharp.

Sadly, there were no fresh eggs left by the time we showed up. Grrr. We'll have to get there sooner next time.

Here's what we got in our CSA share this week:

Garlic Scapes
Sugar Snap Peas
Choice of Kale or Bok Choy (we chose kale, due to the intriguing grilled-kale recipe I found this week)

I've updated the vegetable-storage page to include these new veggies.

No new recipe yet today, because Steve is currently literally snoring on our kitchen floor waiting for me to be finished with this, and because we spent the evening with good friends who shared their own CSA bounty with us, leaving our own share untouched until tomorrow.

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