Monday, July 4, 2011

Yogurt-Berry Mondays

These yogurt-berry sundaes are our typical Saturday breakfast, so we usually call them Yogurt-Berry Saturdays. But we decided to have them today instead. It's a holiday, after all. In retrospect, perhaps I should've included blueberries to really get into the red-white-and-blue spirit of the day.

Today we used Pigman's strawberries, but we typically use thawed frozen raspberries and blueberries. Most berry varieties will do, and fresh are even better if you can find (and afford) them. Fresh peaches are also good in this. We make our sundaes/Saturdays/Mondays with homemade yogurt, which I highly recommend. It's easy, healthy, and very tasty. We go through three quarts of the stuff every five days or so. If you're using store-bought yogurt, make sure you use plain yogurt. Yes, even if you don't like plain yogurt. The flavored stuff will make the sundaes icky sweet.

Honey (optional)
Wheat germ (optional)
Ground flaxseed (optional)

Layer granola, yogurt, and berries in a tall glass. Repeat layers twice or three times. We also add wheat germ and ground flaxseed with a couple of the granola layers to boost the nutritional value. We usually drizzle the top with a little honey--particularly when we use frozen raspberries, which are a bit tart. But the honey is definitely optional and not needed at all with berries that are really sweet.
This is always yummy.

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