Sunday, August 7, 2011

Salads with Purslane

Now that I know what purslane looks like, I see it growing everywhere. Seriously. Yesterday, Liam and I went to Tolmie State Park, and I saw it growing in patches on the rocky shoreline. So, this is what it looks like:

Now you'll see it growing everywhere--possibly including in your own yard. If you see it growing there, feel free to treat it like a weed and pull it, but don't stop there--eat it! (As long as you're sure it's purslane, of course! I don't want lawsuits.) Purslane has a slightly lemony flavor, and it's extremely nutritionally dense.

We made two salads with purslane the last couple days. The first was a simple combination of lettuce, purslane, and chive blossoms:

Dumb seemingly unresolvable photo-rotation issues!

The second was a Greek-ish mix of tomatoes, feta, purslane, and lettuce:

Both salads were good. The second was, not surprisingly, the better of the two. Almost anything with feta is good. More purslane recipes will follow.

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