Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cucumber Cheddar Sandwiches

I've had cucumber-and-cream-cheese sandwiches before, but this recipe with cheddar intrigued me. I altered it to make toasted sandwiches, because we like those.

Sliced bread
Butter or mayonnaise (we used butter)
Sliced cheddar
Thinly sliced cucumber
Seasoning (I used lemon pepper)

Toast the bread, then let it cool. Once the bread has cooled, spread each slice with a thin layer of butter or mayonnaise. Top half of the slices with cheddar, and broil them until the cheddar is melty. Add cucumber slices on top of the cheddar, and dust the cucumbers with seasoning. Place the other slices of bread on top of the cucumbers to make sandwiches.

This was really tasty; we all liked it quite well. I thought it would be pretty good, but I was surprised by how delicious such a simple combination was. Both of my children threw fits about the other component of the meal (always a fun addition to the dinner table, right?), but we were all quite enthusiastic about the sandwiches. While he sat in front of his virtually untouched beet greens (which he has professed to love in the past), Liam was already making plans to eat the rest of his and Annika's sandwiches for lunch tomorrow (they were able to eat only part of their sandwiches, because they refused to eat the other part of the meal).

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