Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter CSA!

We just signed up for a winter CSA! Hooray!

It's been awesome to learn to eat more seasonally (and healthily! and tastily!) this summer, and I'm so excited that we'll be able to continue to do that all year long. Pigman's doesn't offer a winter-CSA option, so we signed up with Boistfort Valley Farm. Starting in November (when our Pigman's shares end), we'll get monthly boxes full of produce and other goodies. In the wintertime, Boistfort's boxes actually include produce from other local and regional farms too--as well as other locally produced treats, like bread, cheese, and coffee. Boistfort's winter CSA will take us through May, and Pigman's summer CSA should start back up in June, so we're covered! It's fun to imagine all the somewhat-unfamiliar winter veggies we'll start learning how to prepare and eat in a couple months. So stick around; the recipes will continue!

Speaking of recipes, I know I haven't been posting them as often lately. Sorry; it's just that we've liked some of them so much that we've been repeating them a lot. I really will post new ones as we try them.

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