Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weird photo

Okay, I invariably get to a point where I'm pretty confident in my technical abilities and my knowledge of blogging, and then something like this happens. Look to the left. Can anyone help me figure out why my photo is all squished, even though it looks fine on my blogger dashboard? And can you tell me how I can fix it?


Mike Clawson said...

Hey Wendy,

If you go in to edit the HTML on your template about halfway down you'll see a section headed by this line:


Just after that you'll see some code within brackets that looks like this:

img src="" HEIGHT=100 WIDTH=100

It's squished because the HEIGHT & WIDTH are set to the same number of pixels, thus making a rectangular image fit into square dimensions.

Change the WIDTH to 160 and the HEIGHT to 120, save the template, and reload the page and it should look normal.

Hope that works. :)

Wendy said...

Ta DA! Perfect. Thanks, Mike.