Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New look

Now that things are showing up correctly, I'm liking the new look. I've also added some stuff to the sidebar (e.g., books I'm reading) and changed other things (e.g., I no longer have people's full names listed in the "My Friends' Blogs" section).

As a bonus, through this whole process, I've learned quite a bit about code. (Though I still have more to learn. Next item of business: Figure out how to add graphics to the sidebar and make them hyperlinks.)

It's kind of depressing how much time I spend tinkering with my blog. (That would sound kind of naughty to someone who didn't know what a blog was. Hee hee.) But when you've really got nothing else to do, it helps pass the time.

1 comment:

gerbmom said...

Looks great! The one change on mine that I needed to make would have taken me all night to find. Thank goodness for Mike's help!

BTW - I love your template.... ;)